Stephen Dillon - Mortgage Advisor

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Stephen Dillon - Mortgage Advisor

 01753 201931


My name is Steve Dillon  and I’m the Mortgage & Insurance Advisor for Langley at Oakwood Estates.

  1. How did you get involved in financial services?

    I joined a high street bank from school and have provided financial advice to clients for over 35 years and arranged my first mortgage for a client in 1990.
  2. Most enjoyable part of your job?

    The most enjoyable part of my role is changing client’s lives by helping them buy their dream home or improving their quality of life by remortgaging their finances
  3. Which super hero would you be and why ?

    I’d be Captain America because he never ages!
  4. What is your favourite Oakwood Estates office to work from?

    My favourite Oakwood Estates office is the one I’m working from. I also enjoy working with Elaine whose round the corner in Datchet as she’s one of the Oakwood employee near to my age!
  5. Stephen tell us a little bit about yourself?

    I’m married with two children, two dogs and have been a season ticket holder at Nottingham Forest for over 30 years.